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New Takin' Back My Love Information January 20, 2009
Sarah's official website has finally confirmed the forthcoming release of Takin' Back My Love. The video has been shot last weekend and is about to debut in early february.

Enrique comments on Sarah: "Sarah's brilliant voice suits perfectly to Takin' Back My Love. With her interpretation Sarah gave the exact feeling that I thought of when writing the song." Sarah: "Takin' Back My Love is an amazing song. It was incredible fun to work on this song together with Enrique. The song's got a hot groove and freshens up the spring season with all its emotions."

The single will be released on March 3rd and will also be featured on a re-release of Enrique's "Greatest Hits" Album on March 20th.
Echo Award Nomination January 15, 2009
Sarah has been nominated for the Germany's most important music prize, the Echo Awards in the category "National Female Artist Rock/Pop". She is up against Stefanie Heinzmann, LaFee, Annett Louisan and Ina Müller.

The award show is taking place in the O2 World in Berlin on February 21st and is being broadcasted on the ARD at 8:15pm with hosts being Oliver Pocher and Barbara Schöneberger. Nominations are based on CD sales.

Sarah's chances are mixed, because Sexy As Hell has supposedely sold 45.000 albums, while Stefanie Heinzmann and Annett Louisan have had gold certified albums (sales exceeding 100.000 CDs). Another negative indicator is the fact that since the beginning of her career she has not been nominated for a BRAVO Otto at all. Hopefully 2009 will be better year for Sarah!

Speaking of Sexy As Hell: a limited Pur Edition has been released December 29th, 2008. Check out the updated discography for more details and scans.
Leo Piepmatz rocks Sarah January 6, 2009
Sarah has put her voice on the audio book of the first audio/picture book set release of Yummy Tummy entitled Leo Piepmatz rockt das Haus.

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The story is about the young lion Leo, who loves to sing and wants to be a real singer today. Because of his high-pitched voice he gets picked on by the other lions, especially Lui Lui. Only the post-parrot Pitti Plapper believes in his talent. Leos biggest dream comes near when Africa's coolest band is searching for a new singer. If only the other lions wouldn't want to win the singing contest...

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New Single with Enrique Iglesias January 2, 2009
The new year begins with good news: Sarah will be featured on a new single. And instead of her being the main artist, she is the one being featured. The artist is no other than Enrique Iglesias, who has released his Greatest Hits album last November and is now releasing the song "Takin' Back My Love", which was produced by RedOne (Kat DeLuna, New Kids On The Block). On the original version of the song, Ciara sings the female vocals, but for the German release Sarah will sing them. The video for the song will be filmed soon in Los Angeles.

If you would like to know what the song sounds like, you can check the original version of Takin' Back My Love here.
Version 7 Online January 1, 2009
Welcome to the seventh version of Generation Sarah Connor and a happy new year to all of you! Finally it's online. An all new, freshly looking and content wise updated Generation Sarah Connor. Who would have thought six years ago that the site would exist for so long and get better and better? I hope you enjoy the site and would be happy if you'd let me know what you think!

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