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Once upon a time there was a girl named Sarah. Born on friday June 13th, in 1980, she was the first of six children of Michael & Soraya Lewe. The young family lived in Hamburg-Altona until they relocated to Delmenhorst, when she was nine years old.

Sarah always had a special relationship with music. When she was about two years old she was soothed to sleep with old soul records by her father. Subsequently, at the age of six she joined a gospel choir. When she got older, she got into the music of Michael Jackson, an artist she became to admire so much, that she would sleep outside the venue for a few days just to have a decent place at one of his concerts. Years later she shared the same stage with Michael, when she was part of the childrens' choir during the Bremen concerts of the History World Tour 1997.

As her passion for music continued to grow, and the end of school neared, it was time for a decision: either to study marine biology or to commence a career in music. One year before graduation, Sarah chose to leave school.

Together with friends she would work on demo songs, which were sent to various record companies. Her first stage name was Sarah Gray, adapted from her American grandfather. Most of the record companies that she submitted her demos to got back to her saying that they do not need a German clone of Mariah Carey, and wanted her to do techno music or even become the female version of Xavier Naidoo. That was not what Sarah wanted. She wanted to do her own thing - soul music by a German artist.

At the end of 1999, Sarah recorded a Christmas single ("This Christmas"), which was released in limited copies in the Bremen region. Somehow, a copy ended up in Berlin at the head quarters of the successful music publisher George Glueck. He wanted to give her a chance and to develop her talent. As a result, she signed her first major label record deal in 2000 with X-Cell Records and started to work.

Together with different production teams, Sarah would work hard on the sound that she wanted to portray in her music, incorporating her desire for the three S's: Soul, Sex and Sensuality. Songs like "Let's Get Back To Bed - Boy!" or "Undressed" came to life, which display the concept quite well.

The first single, a collaboration with TQ of whom she herself is a fan, entered the German charts at number twenty in May 2001, and eventually peaking at #2. Sarah had the chance to do much of the promotion with TQ, therefore she had an easy time getting used to the show business. The second single, "French Kissing", didn't take off as expected and the album was delayed until the end of 2001.

With her third single, "From Sarah With Love", she had the desired breakthrough: a number one bestseller, which paved the way for an international career. It was so successful that she had to postpone the "Green Eyed Soul Tour" for two months, due to the demands of having to promote around herself across Europe. Her success was also honoured by the music industry; for example, she received the Echo for the Most successful National Rock/Pop singer of 2001.

Her first tour was a dream come true, because Sarah could finally showcase her entertaining qualities on a stage that was designed for her, in the songs that she has selected - all in all a confirmation that her artistic decisions were the right after all.

On the 29th June 2002, Sarah met the man of her dreams. Backstage at the Bravo Happy Holiday festival at Europapark Rust, she bumped into Marc Terenzi of the boy group Natural. It was love at first sight, which was kept from prying eyes until rumours started spreading and the couple were forced to confirmed it.

Sarah's second album, "Unbelievable", was again a surefire chart hit, selling a massive 100.000 copies within the first few days of sale. Sarah once again promoted the album Europe-wide, and four singles were released from it, including "Bounce". Again, rumours started to spread and Sarah confirmed them - her belly got bigger and bigger - she was of course expecting a baby.

To not let her fans down during the upcoming baby break - she decided to record an album, to be released in the winter of 2003. It was indeed a very personal album, containing songs like "Daddy's Eyes" or "When Two Become One". Two duet singles were released, which both entered straight at number 1 in the singles chart - a success which would later on underline her way to become a top star in Germany.

Tyler was born on February 2nd, 2004 in Orlando. The family enjoyed their well-earned break with Tyler, but also thought of their fans by sharing the first new baby photos with them. At the end of the year, Sarah ended her baby break and came back with a new single "Living To Love You". When the promotion started, she managed to impress everybody with her fantastic post-pregnancy figure in a sexy photo spread.

With the arrival of 2005, Sarah presented a new look - her hair was short and punky, and the year became the busiest of her career. Not only had she landed the title track for the 20th Century Fox production "Robots", but she also voiced the character of Cappy within the film. Together with husband Marc, she produced the first ever German celebrity docusoap – revealing all the preparations for their dream wedding. Sarah and Marc got married in March 2004, but so secretly that most of her close friends and family were not present. With "Sarah & Marc in Love", everyone was invited to share their love. Also the public got to see how Sarah promoted her #1 album "Naughty But Nice", which of course involved an extensive tour. At the end of the year the Christmas album "Christmas In My Heart" was released, with a one-off Christmas concert special. To finish off a wonderful year, Sarah had further cause to celebrate – she was expecting her second baby.

Most of 2006, therefore, was a quiet year until Summer Antonia Soraya Terenzi was born on June 23th. The joy was soon overshadowed by a shooking diagnosis - little Summer had a heart defect. There was a hole in the tiny baby's heart, which could only be fixed in surgery. A very hard time for everyone involved, but also a formative one, with the outcome strengthening everybody - especially Summer.

When Sarah was worrying about the life of her own child, she did not know if she would ever sing again. The artist Sarah Connor did not exist during that time. Responsible for her changing her resolve was Marc, who built a red carpet for his wife in the cellar, slowly boosting her self confidence. The fans got their first teaser with the new single "The Best Side Of Life", which became (and still is) the new Coke Christmas song.

Shortly into 2007, the work on a new album begun. A selection of Sarah's favourite songs were the plan, which turned out to be just the right thing. She got to passionately sing intense soul songs, that had long been her inspiration for making music. For the remainder of 2007, promotion of the album "Soulicious" was Sarah’s focus, cementing her status in Germany.

2008: the year of the new Sarah. New look again, new management and new producers lined up. For the new album, Sarah jetted around the whole world checking new trends and seeking new inspirations for her music. Covering soul classics was right at the time but it was also right to break out and get sexy again. And Sexy she was: "Sexy As Hell" entered at number 3 in the German album charts and is the momentual final of this tale. A lot is always happening in the life of Sarah Connor and always will, no matter what happens. And so she lives on happily never after...
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