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Vote - Ohne Stimme hört Dich keiner!
In August 2002 Sarah supported a campaign which was aimed at the people who were able to vote at the parliamentary elections for the first time. About 3,2 milion 'first timers' either didn't know who to vote for or didn't see the point in voting. So Germany's leading record and media companies got 43 artists for the TV and print campaign which was started a month before the election. Sarah's statement about voting was: "Of course I'm going to vote. Its a privilige to live in a democracy!". In the USA there was a similar campaign, called "If you don't, they will."

Peta - Make Up Your Mind!
Sarah is the star model for a Peta campaign against animal testing for cosmetics. On the advert Sarah is face to face with an enormous laboratory syringe which seems to be dribbling liquid into her eye. "I make a conscious stand against animal testing because it is something I feel very strongly about," says Sarah, "To this day it has not been proven that the test results can even be applied to humans! I try to set a good example and make sure that any cosmetics I buy have not been tested on animals."

Staying-Alive Foundation - Rettet die Menschheit
'Rettet die Menschheit' ('Save The Humans') is a very important advert, created by the Staying-Alive Foundation, In the advert 3D animated animals meet in a UN-style meeting and discuss about the problems of humans who do not realize the consequences of aids. Their discussion leads to the obvious solution, which is to "Save The Humans". For the German version, which was shown on VIVA, VIVA+ and MTV, Sarah took the voice part of the British fox (pictured below). You can see her recording her part in "Sarah & Marc In Love".

Schau nicht Weg
'Schau nicht weg!' is a campaign brought into life by BRAVO Magazine. "Schau nicht weg!" means "Don't look away!" and the campaign deals with violence in school. In the past years violent actions have become more and more popular and it was about time that the the public gets aware about that. Together with more than 100 celebrities who support the campaign and share their experiences with the young readers. In the summer of 2007 there was a big festival in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin with artists like Monrose, Bushido or Sarah performing in front of milions of people.

Canada Whale Night

As you might know, Sarah intended to study sea biology after graduation. She is still interested in cetaceans and supports organizations in that field. Such as being active for Whales. Sarah: "I'm very happy to be in the commission of the Canada Whale Night 2007 and to have my little share for the worldwide protection of whales. These fascinating cetaceans need the help and support of the humans. Since 2004 I'm part of the commission of the whale night and know that the help really reaches the international whale protection projects of the Whale and Delphin protection organization WDCS."

Komen e.V. is an organization that stands for the healing of breast cancer. Sarah supports them since 2007 together with Samsung as issued in a press statement. "I want to help others that go through something similar and fight against an illness." Sarah said and meant two young women from her environment. As mother of two it is important for Sarah to take care of herself and to go to pre-scans regularly. Thus she encourages her fans to get checked regularly. In 2008 Sarah also performed at the yearly Pink Tie Ball, proving her continuous support for Komen.

Sarah supports the charity organization DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donor Center). DKMS collect potential bone marrow donors, who can register as easy as with q-tip. When someone diagnosed with leucemia and looks for a donor, DKMS helps and connects. People with leucemia will be able to meet their match and be healed. Sarah: "I want to be a rolemodel for my fans and encourage them to join DKMS. Thanks to the new way of registration via q-tips, it has become easier to be a donor and thus giving a new patient a chance of life - and that worldwide."

Mc Donald's Kinderhilfe
Sarah is the patron of the first German Ronald Mc Donald children oasis, which opened in the Universitäts-Kinderklinikum of Erlangen. The oasis is a place where the families of the patients can turn to. Sarah: "To be a patron for the first Ronald McDonald oasis here in Erlangen is an affair of the heart for me. Because of the experiences that my family and I made during the illness of my daughter Summer I can reconstruct how important it is to be able to turn into a colourful place amid the clinical centre for children. Not only for the parents, but also for the siblings and the critically ill child in person."

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