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"Always family" is what Sarah had on the back of Sarah's shirt on a performance. Sarah has always a large family and it continues to grow. Who is who in the huge Connor clan? Let's find out...

Marc Eric Terenzi (ex-)husband
Marc is an American singer that plays a huge part in Sarah's life. The two first met at the Bravo Happy Holiday in 2002 and it was love at first sight. In June 2003 it was announced that Sarah was pregnant and after Tyler's birth the couple married in secret in March 2004. In 2005 they've decided to do a big wedding, which was filmed during their docu soap "Sarah & Marc in Love". A sequel was made in 2008, "Sarah & Marc crazy in love" but it turns out that their crazy love came to an end, remaining the best of friends to be there for the children. Musically Marc has released two solo albums and has created his own Halloween show at Europapark Rust, the very own place Sarah and Marc first met.

Tyler Eric Terenzi (son)
Tyler was born on february 2nd, 2004 in Orlando (USA) and was 53cm long with a weight of 3500g at birth. He got named after Marc's idol, the singer Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. On her third album "Key To My Soul" Sarah dedicated the song Daddy's Eyes to her unborn child, which was followed by the song Thank You on "Naughty But Nice".

Summer Antonia Soraya Terenzi (daughter)
Summer was born on june 23rd, 2006 in Germany and was 48cm long with a weight of 3100g at birth. Already during the pregnancy it was detected that she had a heart defect, which could only be fixed by surgery. Surgery was successful and Summer is since a fighter and a strong person. Sarah wrote and dedicated the song "I'll Kiss It Away" to her, in which video she also appeared.

Soraya Lewe-Tacke (mother) & Lex and Mick Lewe-Tacke (brothers)
Soraya used to work as a model. She is often with Sarah to support her during her hectic promo shedule. Soraya made the headlines when she got pregnant with twins at the age of 50. Lex & Mick Lewe-Tacke were born on the 27th of may 2008 via c-section, where Sarah was present. For an advent calender of the Yummy Tummy clothing line (see projects for more information) the cute twins were featured in a set of cute photographs.

Michael Lewe (father)
Michael has got roots in America and is self employed. He and Soraya got divorced a few years ago but they remain friends.

Sophia-Luisa (Lulu) Lewe (sister)
Lulu is Sarah's younger sister and is an aspiring new singer herself. She had her first expirience in the musicvideo for "From Sarah With Love" and has taken vocal lessons. Sarah supports her with helpful tips and connections. Lulu released her debut single "Crush On You" in August 2008 on X-Cell Records and entered the charts at #16, four places higher than Sarah with her debut single, which entered at #20. Good Luck Lulu!

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