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As a modern artist, Sarah is not only active in the field of singing but also has side projects. Projects that demand her creativity and talent in a different way than singing. Read more about her non-musical projects below.

Perfume Line - LR
Sarah's first proper venture outside the music was the perfume line with LR Health & Beauty Systems. They have been responsible for celebrity perfumes of Heidi Klum, No Angels or Michael Schuhmacher. Sarah's first collection was selftitled and contained the perfume (as eau de toilette and eau de parfum), deodorant spray, shower gel and body lotion. The scent is fresh and consists of citronic-fresh and bloomy elements. The collection turned out to be well recieved on the market, so a beauty skin feeling set was added. It contained facial tonic, face mask, creme for day and night and cleaning lotion. A special edition of the perfume followed, called Sarah Connor Gold. It refindes the fragrance with warm nuances for "golden moments".

Clothing Line - Otto
Music meets fashion. Together with the mail-order retailer OTTO, Sarah has designed an own collection, which was only available through the OTTO catalogue. The collection included a wide range of clothes, for instance a black gown, a tank top with her tattoos printed or a ripped jeans with strass applications. Above that there was also an MP3 player of Samsung with changeable design colours and an exclusive download track of Sarah (Change - Michael W.D. Mix). Sarah:"I am amazed to work with such a big and innovative company like OTTO. The idea, to design an own collection has always excited me. With OTTO I've found the perfect partner for that."

Robots - Synchronisation

Created by the creators of Ice Age, Robots is an animated film about the dream of robot Rodney trying to make his dreams come true. Sarah was approached to synchronize the role of the business robot Cappy, who works for the inventor Big Weld that Rodney looks up to. It's an honour to be featured in a cinema production, let alone that her role has been synchronized by Halle Berry in the original version. On top of that Sarah also got to sing the title song "From Zero To Hero" which perfectly well sums up the moral of the film. From zero to hero, wins a girl's (Cappy's) heart!

CMA Campaign: Milch ist meine Stärke
'Milch ist meine Stärke' ('Milk is my strength') is a campaign from CMA (supported by the EU) and it wants to remember people about the importance of milk. For Sarah milk is very important and she needs her daily glass of milk to be able to be efficient. Together with actor Sky Dumont Sarah was the face of the campaign, a so called 'milk ambassador', for a certain period of time.

L'oréal - Testemonial

Sarah was an international testemonial for the beauty giant L'Oréal Paris. In the campaign for the volume hairspray "Studio Line - Indestructable" Sarah got to shot two television commercials that were seen not only in Germany but the whole of Europe. Both were set in a futuristic recording studio were Sarah would 'test' how well her styling is - in one spot with longer hair, in the other with a short bob. In addition to the TV spots Sarah was also featured in printed adverts.

Yummy Tummy - Baby Clothing Line
Together with her mother Soraya and the businesswoman Vera Klöhn, Sarah designed a baby clothing line: Yummy Tummy. The speciality of it is that it's aimed for young boys: "I've always annoyed that there were only few clothing things for boys" so Sarah in a statement. The three designed shirts, trousers or caps, with dominating colours like light blue, olive green or brown mineral tones. On one of the pieces Sarah even designed notes to underline her musicality.

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